"I thought the Bible was only a fairytale"


Perth, Australia

I was brought up in a Buddhist family, but I found there were many superstitions involved with Buddhism. I also went to a Catholic school and studied the Bible. I had many questions but the teacher could not answer me, so I came to think that the Bible was only a fairytale, that religions are there only to teach us to be good, and that God is a crutch for the weak. I told myself that if I can be “good”, I do not need to belong to any religion.

Unfortunately, my standard of being “good” kept changing and was often influenced by public opinions. This led me to problems in my life and my marriage.

I praise God that 17 years ago God revealed himself to me and changed my life.

Someone told my wife about God. My wife wanted God to bless our marriage so she got baptised. She asked me to go with her to the church. I had no intention of becoming a Christian then but thought it would be good for her, so I went along.

My wife was prayed for in church and received the Holy Spirit and spoke in a new language which she had never learned. The pastor explained to me from the Bible that this is what a true believer will experience when God confirms his promises to the disciples. He shared with me scriptures on the promises of God and answered my questions from the Bible. I told him that I did not believe in the Bible. He then asked me if I believe that there is a supernatural being out there that created this universe, to which I replied “Maybe!” because I was truly fascinated by nature and how it works. He told me that this “supernatural being” is God, and God knows and loves me. He suggested that I ask God directly and He will reveal Himself to me.

When I got home from church, I told my wife that if her God is true, I want him to show Himself to me. My wife said we can pray to God and she laid hands on me and asked me to say “hallelujah” which means “Praise God”. After saying two “hallelujahs” I spoke in a new language which I have never learned before. At that moment I knew that God is real, and that the Bible is true. I was baptised by full immersion the next day. Since then I felt so hungry for the scriptures that I keep attending church meetings, asking questions, and reading the Bible.

I praise God that not only has He healed my troubled marriage; He continues to amaze me with His wisdom and blessings.

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