Child raised from the dead


I was baptised and received the Holy Spirit with Biblical evidence of speaking in tongues.

I had been born with problem of ulceration, which rendered me unable to eat sugary foods. One evening pastors laid hands on me for prayer and when I woke up the following morning, I cooked tea, drunk it and this time round it didn’t affect me. Now I can feed on any sugary food.

Earlier on before I got born again, I used not to forgive anyone for doing something wrong to me. Nowadays I just forgive unknowingly.

My child developed heart illness whereby the heart got swollen. I was advised to take the child to Kenyatta Hospital (the highest level hospital in Kenya). I prayed and God healed her and now she is healthy and the heart is not swollen anymore.

My grand child was born with pneumonia which was so severe that whenever it attached her, the only assistance was to take her to hospital where she could be assisted to breath by use of machines. I prayed for her and God healed her.

On 12th October 2012, I prayed for a child who seemed dead to her mother who had left her on bed. The child had stayed for two days without eating. Through prayer the child started to breath and I gave her milk. After a short while I gave her to her mother and started breastfeeding. Her mother exclaimed that I had healed her child, but I told her that God is the one who healed the child.

In 1993 two of my children and I got involved in a fatal accident where some people died at the spot and others died as they were getting treatment. I sustained minor injuries where I lost four fingers of my hand but God healed my children and I of the sustained injuries.

 After getting born again my husband started fighting me and went to the extent of marrying another woman and left me to take care of my family. Some of my family members joined hands with him to fight me. The funny thing was that some these family members used to come for assistance from meand I helped them without even remembering that they have been fighting me. I prayed for this situation and God restored my family to normal. My husband finally returned to our family and now we live in peace.

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