Healed of cluster migraines


Perth, Australia

My testimony of God’s power begins in 2002.

I had suffered periodic cluster migraine headaches for thirty years. I had surgery in Perth in 1971 with no results. In 1985 I had further surgery in Melbourne but there was still no healing. The doctors said that nothing could be done, and that I would have to live my life with the pain and suffering. I would have to keep taking medication when I was having my attacks. I was taking six migraine tablets per day, even though I was only supposed to take five per week, and still I was having migraine attacks. The attacks lasted for six weeks at a time every year, and each attack was around three hours long. Consequently I had no life at all at this time, as the attacks would come at any time of day or night.

My wife had always been a church goer, but not me – I didn’t believe in God. One Friday evening in 2002, I was having a very bad migraine attack at home when my wife returned home from the Revival Fellowship church that she had been attending for about nine months. She knelt down beside me on the floor and ask me if I wanted her God to heal me. I said that two surgeons had tried and both said that no cure was possible, but please help me to get out of this horrible pain. My wife laid hands on me and prayed to her God and my pain was gone instantly.

18 months later, I repented as the Bible tells us, got baptised by full immersion, and I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.
That was on September 26th 2003. I have not had any sign of a headache since my wife laid hands on me in 2002.
Even if I have a bad head cold there is still no pain anymore.

I praise the Lord for this miraculous healing.

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