Healed of cervical cancer


Perth, Australia

I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues after I was baptized on August 3rd 1983.

Previously a work colleague had enthusiastically told me about miracles in her life.  She showed me that despite going to a mainline church most of my life, I had no idea what was in the Bible and felt very detached from God.  I was hesitant at first but when I came, I received my own experience just as described in the Bible.  It was awesome!

In 1986 I was found to have cancer of the cervix on a routine Pap smear test.  I had just completed my nursing training, and one of my last wards was the oncology ward, where I had nursed ladies with the same diagnosis.   As I had been married just over a year, I was totally distraught with the news.  The diagnosis occupied my mind night and day and I went through lots of emotions, including anger and fear.  I  was scheduled to see a specialist within two weeks and when I tried to postpone the appointment, I was advised this would not be a good idea.  My husband and I were praying but were overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation.

The referral letter from my doctor to the gynecologist stated that they had found “numerous atypical cells” and asked for advice regarding treatment.  I received encouragement from a friend in the fellowship, as he pointed out that God was able to heal and although I was regarding this as a “big” healing, with God there are no degrees of healing, the scripture simply says “by His stripes ye are healed”.  This was quite a revelation to me, I had been looking at the situation from a nurses point of view.  My prayer became hopeful as I waited for the healing, the Lord comforted me and I was able to sleep normally again.

Several days later as we were driving in the car, I received a strong assurance that I had indeed been healed.  It was an amazing experience to receive such confidence and it happened so suddenly, I can still remember exactly where I was.

It was only a matter of days after, that I attended the specialist.  I went through numerous investigations, including a biopsy.  When the tests were complete, the doctor explained he was confused as to why I had been rushed in to see him as he had found no evidence of the atypical (cancer) cells.  When the biopsy results came back a few days later, he was able to give me a complete clearance.

We were absolutely thrilled, God had fulfilled His healing promise in my life, so that I could testify of His power and people might know that God is still working miracles today.  I have had numerous Pap smear tests since that time with no further problems.  I also have two beautiful children which may not have been possible if God had not delivered me from this affliction.  They are a wonderful reminder of my healing.

I am very grateful to God for this and the many blessings He gives me each day.

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