Broken bones healed


Perth, Australia

Growing up, I knew I needed to have the Holy Spirit to know and be right with God. When I was 9 years old I was praying to God in English, by myself, and my language went from English to a language I had never learnt before. I knew that I had received the Holy Spirit just like the disciples in the Bible. I was baptised soon after, just as they had done in the Bible.

On a Friday in September of 2010 I was surfing. I was dumped by a wave and hit the sand bank hard with my heel. After x-rays the doctor said I had broken a bone in my heel. My lower leg was put in a cast and I was told to come back in a week for further x-rays. At church on Sunday I prayed to be healed with an elder of the church. From that point on, I had no pain and I knew that God had healed me. I went back for the x-rays which confirmed that God had healed my broken foot.

God has healed me of many things; include cysts, a dislocated elbow and burns on my arm. He continues to prove himself to me throughout my life.

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